We all need a friend like Rupert Pupkin

Life lessons!


For most of the time comedy was derived from a person’s physical traits. Someone’s fat, make fun of him or her, someone’s black, crack a joke on him or her, someone’s bald, repeat the same! Times are changing and people do not support such insults anymore.

Comedy as a genre (in films, books or even daily life) remains neglected. Yes there were and there are many good comedians who use comedy as a tool for enlightenment! There are comedians who use logic and share their profound wisdom with lesser words having deeper meaning.

Dark comedy

A genre that sheds light upon things that are either kept hidden or in general people miss to see them. People are surprised to see what they could see because of comedy. They never believed comedy would show them something, that genres like thriller, crime, mystery or drama couldn’t show them. A true comedian or a critic is the one who first questions his or her own beliefs and then points towards others.

The King of Comedy

Last weekend I watched the film, The King of Comedy and I was completely blown away by Rupert Pupkin’s level of commitment for his dreams! I tried to imagine myself in Rupert’s position and I thought I would have rather given up! Rupert Pupkin is a simple yet extraordinary personality. Extraordinary because he doesn’t give up and takes steps towards realisation of his goals! Even if it means to kidnap his own idol! His actions mean no harm to anyone but he has got his own different ways for achieving dreams! At the same time, throughout the whole journey he stays committed to only one woman and that’s what I liked the most. He convinces her to believe in what he believes in.

A lot of times in the film he says, “I’ll wait, I have no problem with waiting, I can wait…” such is his relationship with waiting and convincing! And he does wait, the cold stares of the receptionist don’t bother him. Neither the eviction by the security bothers him. He is persistent on meeting Jerry Langford, his idol.

Mr. Pupkin listens to only himself and no one else!

Rupert Pupkin, Rupert Pupkin, Rupert Pupkin…

In the film, everyone hardly remembers how to pronounce his name, but I’m unable to isolate the name from my mind. This is the first dark comedy film I have watched. I just wanted to watch Robert de Niro’s early films and I thought let’s watch this film because I noticed him smiling a lot in this film. And I made a good choice! He has a really beautiful smile, you can see him smiling through his eyes!

Hope you all too have watched The King of Comedy, if not, you should watch it soon!

Feature image courtesy: IMDb.com

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