Where should I keep the memories of my past
Should I hide them safely into the closet of my heart
Hidden from the light
Not a single beam of light can escape through the closet
In utter darkness
Enfolded under the sheets of my delusional strength
Layer upon layer
I protect my other side
The wronged side
I do not allow light to escape in
I assume it is my strength
I neither disown it nor accept it
I do worse
I think about it everyday

I try to comprehend strength and pain
I try and try
Juggling between patience and peace
I gaze through the reflections
I have been casting for years
My only mistake
A fragile heart
I kept building walls around it
Fostering it with false pride
And the moss kept growing inside those walls
Until came a day, when I entangled myself
Wrapped all around
Caged inside my own pride

Yet I ask only for more strength
I do not ask for mercy
I still pride
I believe power and revelation come after one has been wounded by pain
I have reconciled with the very nature of pain
Slow and steady is it’s pace
Lifeless and yet full of life
I accept it
Another side of the coin
I haven’t stopped finding happiness
I do not allow light to enter my heart
But I do allow light to hold my hand and walk me through the flames

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    1. Thank you for appreciating!


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