These cute little queens do know how to sleep in a majestic manner! They command their presence with a single stare and uphold their legacy of laziness with a formidable pride. Cats can never cause any nuisance. Cats are always right. Cats can feast on your favourite fish delicacy even before you get to the hold of it’s spicy aroma. And then when you are busy doing the dishes post lunch, these adorable feline, divine creations are already flying high in their dreams!

I have always found cats very mysterious. I feel like they secretly know all the secrets of our existence and may even secretly laugh at humans for their failed attempts at comprehending life. Their laziness has always been a muse for me. They are never in a hurry, only a sight of a mouse is an exception to this statement. Otherwise they have got all the time to eat, sleep and be cute! Their fluffy fur, their soft purr, who wouldn’t fall prey to these deceptions!

Humans have a very strong mind. We are always smart, I mean we can do anything right? But maybe the fur and the purr is our weakness!

Stay calm and love cats😻

Best wishes


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