In the cities, where every inch of land is occupied by avaricious blocks, we may encounter with a blooming flower once in a blue moon. But I have observed, that although we do come across these little mellow creations of nature, humans have began loosing the power to appreciate their dainty beauty! Our Mumbai city does have a variety of flowers blooming in every season. The Hibiscus, Gulmohar, Lilies, Yellow copper pods and the Queen crape myrtle or “Taman” as they call in Marathi.

The life cycle of a flower is in itself the best lesson humans can ever learn. Flowers are small and delicate. And so are humans. If we compare our existence with vaccum that exists in the heavens above, we are just as small and delicate like these flowers.

Flowers are mortal. Well humans are also mortal. But our perspective of mortality is rather somber. Whereas flowers, they smile through the transience of their life. They hold their resilience through all the seasons!

The bud of a single flower is as beautiful as a fully bloomed garden. The tender green stems growing from the firmer stems, tracing the sunlight, growing towards the sky! The most gratified experience to see a bud bloom! You’ll be gifted with the most natural smile you ever had on your face!

One only needs a second to notice these tiny alluring moments.

Stay calm and keep bloomingšŸŒ¼

Best wishes


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