A cup of coffee..

All of us have so many treasured moments revolving around a cup of coffee. Some moments in the company of our loved ones and some with our own seclusion. But this cup of coffee always partners with our individual penchants. I like to have a cup of coffee with my favourite book alongside my window. Normally, the city life does not have much to offer when one leans outside their window. It’s only when the rains arrive, we tend to look outside, towards the sky with an adulation!

So we were talking about our individual penchants with our dearest cup of coffee. Like books, some watch their favourite films, some listen to their favourite songs and for some, a cup of coffee is a gateway towards spiritual detoxification! It is a special cleansing process for them to re-evaluate their comprehension about life.

Such is the power of a cup of coffee!

By the way, have I told you that listening to Adele’s Take It All while sipping the decoction of freshly pounded coffee beans amidst the downpour from heavens is a lethal combination! Well obviously not literally. But apart from getting absorbed into the fantasies of my book, experiencing the depths of Adele’s voice is also a surreal experience.

And when you are done listening to Take It All, listen to “Someone like you”, her deep voice will take you back to your bittersweet memories, but with a smile!

All of her albums are a tranquil bliss!

All of us need some kind of escape while driving the wheel of life. Well, not every escape needs to be an adrenaline pumping moment. Sometimes a small cup of coffee clears the air.

A special note, always sip the coffee bit by bit, allowing yourself yo immerse into it’s magic!

Stay calm and breathe!

Best wishes


Picture courtesy: Unsplash

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