What I have been upto these days…

Definitely not writing enough!

When I first started writing on WordPress, I was ready with five point schedule on the topics I’ll be writing..the days I’ll be posting and the tags I’ll be using.

I was highly ambitious about my blog. Turns out continuous creativity is not my cup of tea.

Also there is nothing like “continuous creativity”. Either you are good at it or you are still a beginner. I can assure you I’m still a beginner even after two years of blogging.

Any form of artistic activity irrespective of the fact whether it produces any income or not, requires practice and precision. One cannot in any way underestimate it’s readers, viewers or consumers. It’s true that no one is perfect, but one can’t use this expression as an excuse for their laziness or inefficiency.

Yesterday I saw a marathi play called Wada Chirebandi. For anyone staying in Mumbai can still find tickets on bookmyshow.com

It was the first ever play that I have seen in my life. Marathi is my mother tongue and I truly love how wonderful is the language. Marathi language holds a rich literary and political history. Last night’s play left an enduring impact on my mind. The level of commitment the actors have shown in the play is immeasurable. The play revolves around a family of two brothers and their families. The elder one stays back at the ancestral home while the younger one moves into the city life. This is a very common situation in many Maharashtrian families. When their father dies due to old age, complications arise in the family due to property inheritance issues. Each of them have their opinions and somehow each of their opinions seem to be true. Amidst the storyline, the directors of the play have shown a good interplay of emotions and actions. The play is well equipped with highly respected Marathi actors like Vaibhav Mangle, Nivedita Saraf and Chinmay Mandalekar. The play is directed by accomplished director of Marathi film industry Chandrakant Kulkarni.

Although I wasn’t an arts student, I’m always intrigued by this field. I studied accounts and finance at college. So yes I’m also one of those students who pursued a career against their will! But I never gave up learning arts.

In the last two years, I learnt the following points:

A true artist always aims for perfection. Their idea about perfection is not adulterated by the preconceived ideas set by the masses.

An artist’s imagination either represents reality in it’s most true form or is a contrast to the reality, illustrating the faintest possibilities beyond the existing reality.

Human mind operates at two levels. One, at the individualistic level and another at societal level. An artist will bridge the gap between the two.

We need draw a line between a content creator and an artist.

Finally, in most cases fame and artistic talents are mutually exclusive to each other. For sure every deserving artist must be paid respectfully..but wanting to live life of an artist is as good as a gamble.

What’s next in store…

I think I’ll start buying Marathi books and watch more plays in the coming days. The feeling of being able to connect with one’s culture is indescribable.

Also travelling is also in my bucket list (if my budget allows me)!

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