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Door of Eternity: a short fictional story

The Minister of Coin and Minister of Whispers stumbled into each other at the entrance of the causeway leading to the Door of Eternity. Both of them were taken aback to see each other at the secluded place. The Door of Eternity was a crypt for the royal family. It was opened only upon the death of any of the royal family members. The causeway was surrounded by bushes and large fig and pomegranate trees. Even on a sunny day, the causeway looked dark and eerie. Due to the stone pillars on both sides the temperature was cooler than the outside. Both the ministers exchanged a sweet smile. Both of them wanted to squeeze out the reason for their presence at this place, when none of the royal family members had died recently. All of them were lavishly living inside their castles.

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“This is the Door to Eternity.”

“Yes it is quite evident that both of us stand in front of it, I hope we have our own reasons.”

“Yes legitimate reasons.”

“As far as I know, one comes to the Door of Eternity only when a king or queen or any of his family members have died. By God’s Grace all of them are alive in the castle.”

“As Minister of Coin, I must introspect all the buildings in the kingdom that require maintenance. I need to form a budget for these repairs. So thought of taking a walk along the causeway. I believe the Minister of Whispers too has his reasons to be here. I have heard the walls have ears too. Maybe you have some business with these stone pillars.”

“As the Minister of Whispers, no secret is a secret from me. I do have a reason to be here and I guess I have accomplished it.”

Suddenly they heard a sound of some footsteps. Both of them hid behind the bushes. A high born woman was arriving there. Alone. She had veiled her face. From her walking style they concluded her to be the Queen. But why would the Queen come here. She walked and walked and looked behind as if waiting for someone to follow her. Both of ministers patiently waiting behind the bushes. Holding their breath so as to stay unnoticed. For second the ministers exchanged a sceptical stare. Both thought either of them had something to do with the Queen’s presence. But they didn’t react.

After some time, they saw a man. He didn’t seem from the kingdom. His worn stained cotton tunic with leather jacket and boots. Cotton wasn’t a staple fabric of their kingdom. He had a dagger attached to his belt. The Minister of Whispers observed the dagger. The design suggested that he came from the east. He had a confident walk and looked around for any dangers.

Both the ministers again glanced a look but didn’t say a word. They waited for the other to react first.

When they had arrived at the causeway it was the mid afternoon. The sun was setting. There was still shining brightly but soon would set. A strange kind of silence lingered in the air.

They waited more, for something to happen. After an hour, the man came out. His dagger dripped in blood. No signs of blood on his tunic. He had the same confident walk and looked around for any dangers.

Both the ministers were shocked at what they had seen. They knew they were a big trouble. But no one was ready to get out. They didn’t even run away from the place. They just stood there like those stone pillars

After ten minutes they saw the Queen coming out of the crypt. Walking with pride as always. Her gown was neat and clean. The ministers received a second shock. Who was will killed exactly? Who’s blood dripped from the knife of that man? And why did the Queen commit such crime? None of them had answers.

And then the Queen suddenly stopped walking. She suspected something. As if someone was seeing her. She looked around she found nothing. But a Queen’s suspicion isn’t a fool’s suspicion. She was adamant. She walked again and suddenly stood still to check for any reaction.

The ministers glanced one more look and they saw death in each other’s eyes.

The Queen aimed a knife onto the tree behind which the ministers were hiding.

“Come out I have seen you. I’ll grant you mercy if keep your mouth shut for the rest of your lives.” She ordered.

Both of them came out.

“Oh familiar faces. I wonder what brought you two here.”

“Daily business your Grace” said the Minister of Coin. Fear had crippled his intelligence.

“Oh I never knew my Minister of Coin was so smart that he would find business in the crypt. Save your lies for someone else and tell me the truth. And Minister of Whispers?

“Your Grace my sources have informed me, there is threat to the Royal family. Someone wants to murder the King.”

“Maybe someone has already murdered the king.” Said the Queen. She waited for them to react.

Both of them gave a dumbfounded look to each other. Suddenly a sting of leather belt was enveloped around their necks from the back. They tried to look back and saw the same man with th dagger. He squeezed their necks at a time tightly into his leather belts. The strength of his one arm was enough to get hold of both of them. They were begging and fainting for life.

“As I told you, I’ll grant you mercy if you keep your mouth shut for the rest of your lives.”



They both cried. They saw above in the sky. The birds were flying home. The sun was setting down. The sky was turning into pinkish orange colour. In their last seconds they heard the war horn being blown. The war horn was blown on two occasions. One at the beginning of the war and two when there was an imminent danger to the King’s life. In their last seconds they wondered how could the King die such an easy death. Only through deceitful ways it could be done.

The Ministers were dead in a few minutes.

The killer asked what to do of their bodies. She said, “Like what you did with the King’s body.”


( This was a small second effort I made to write a short fictional story. It was inspired by the photo in the feature image and also by my favourite series Game of Thrones. )


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