Mental Health Awareness Month

This is beauty of WordPress community, inspiring thoughts!

Being hammered by insomnia from past one week, I was able to pen down my thoughts on me previous blog Well, it’s been a long time…

I have logged in into WordPress after almost a month and I came across the much needed assurance my heart was searching for from the past few days.

This blog is inspired by Pooj G’s blog 5 Ways to deal with Depression naturally. Pooja writes consistently amazing blog on 👉

Her blog inspired me to write my thoughts on depression.

The tricky part about depression is the guilt that builds inside us for being depressed. As if, we are not grateful for the many other good things about life. Yes we are grateful, we do appreciate the beauty of life. And we do understand in the entirety of life, even if everything seems pointless, there’s still something out there worth fighting for.
But depression is about that one thing, a kind of cycle that we cannot handle. The more you run away from it, the more it runs towards you. Trying to scare you and like a child you do feel scared. I think as we grow old, I don’t know the real reason behind this notion, everyone including ourself, we expect us to not be fearful about anything in life. You misunderstand one person, one situation and you are done! It will stay with you forever marked on your heart. And yes this is what makes our heart heavy and heavier as each year of our life passes by.

And then we think of our Karma, our faith, our belief system and what not just so that all of it makes sense. In the end we want to make sure that we have joined all the dots, sewed the most beautiful pattern and have tied all the knots firmly. It will take just one loose end to undo all the stitches.

Tha fact is, even if we reach our fiftieth birthday, the first sweet sixteen kiss will be dearest one. Childhood trauma would still bring it’s head up in the darkest hour. Unattended dreams would stand at your back when you look yourself in the mirror. Chronic ailments would demand your strongest side everyday, every moment, at every doctor’s visit ( I’m writing this on the basis of my personal experience, it might not resonate with everyone who’s going through any chronic ailments).

And yet you’ll feel satisfied because, you know you can’t get it all. There’s always a price for every gain, a return for every pain, only if you decide.

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