My recent trip to my native place

Had an amazing time at my native place Chiplun located, on the western coast line of the state of Maharashtra.

Went there for a short trip of three days, met my extended family and cousins on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

I was longing for this trip from a long time. Given the travel restrictions we had for the past two years, it was a relief to see my family safe and sound.

Learnt many great things from the elderly people of my village. Hoping put those lessons in practice soon!

Here a few photos of the surrounding areas and of the fun I had there!

The entry point!
My village lies in the most remotest parts one cannot even imagine. Reduced levels of farming and human activities has led to an unprecedented growth in jungles…which is I guess good🤔
The village temple.
I love colour combination here.
The village temple.
Sunset 😍
Here’s another temple…had a good spiritual time here.
My ancestral home.
All of the houses are made from this peculiar red stone.
These are called “Ghavne” made from soaked rice batter with some salt and turmeric.
Tamarind 😍
Love the way it’s organised!
Made a cute little friend 😊
It is the season of cashews.
Some random flowers…
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