The Quest for The Perfect Man

Dedicated to all single Indian women in their late twenties.

Once thou reach the age of twenty and six, the Quest for the Perfect Man begins in thy life.

Remember to forget all the old rules of your modernity once this game begins. This is a game you play with time, you play with your emotions. Remember it’s a game. Which means you either win or lose. Your trophy is the perfect man and what you may lose eventually, is your mind. Whether you win or lose the trophy, one thing you’ll lose for sure is your mind.

Time and time you’ll remind yourself that you are Cersei Lannister and not Daenerys Targaryen. Why? Because Daenerys symbolizes perfection. She aims for the betterment of all. She tries to please everyone. The northerners, the southerners, her Dothraki clan and so many others, who believe in her. Cersei, on the other hand, is cruel beyond imagination. But she does have a limit on her stupidity. (George RR Martin is my God.)

I wonder if humans are even made for courtships. I mean some do succeed and some fail at it painfully. Some never understand what to expect from their own self and some fail to understand how much to expect from the other person. We fail not at understanding the possibilities, but we fail at understanding the limitations.

Now who is this perfect man?

And where is he hiding?

Oh surprise! In your imagination!!

Does he have a name?

Let’s call him Mr. Perfect.

Let’s have a chat with him.

Silly you: Hi Mr.Perfect, how are you doing these days?

Mr.Perfect: Well I’m doing very well. I’m handsome, I have a handsome salary, I own a house but no debts. I’m smart, I have an extremely good sense of humor and I’m reading Friedrich Nietzsche these days. How about you, young lady?

(The silly you fell for the last two words, young and lady!)

Silly you: (prepares the best answer, because obviously he is the inspiration for your life goals) Oh Friedrich Nietzsche is an excellent choice! I’m doing very well in life. I’m extremely focussed on my career and planning to start a business of my own very soon. I’m confident in my own skin, extraordinarily energetic, packed with heavenly beauty and cherry on the cake I have a brain of my own….

Mr.Perfect: Oh Miss.Silly you seem so fictional…

Silly you: Yes, just like you Mr.Perfect.

The competition

The Indian marriage system has turned into a market of its own. It has profitably adopted the core principles of capitalism. Is it wrong to believe in capitalism? No, capitalism isn’t the devil. The sin lies in how we act as consumers. Capitalism follows consumerism. That’s how I see it. The Indian population, which was in its early twenties five years ago, will be entering into its late twenties from 2022. Many more marriages to come followed by lots of babies. Even if this young population decides to adopt a single child policy (thanks to the sky rocketing education expenses) I’m sure the Indian economy would do extremely well. (Only if this pandemic doesn’t last forever!!)


The standards for desirability have changed. Beauty of a person is still relevant but there is no choice for financial stability. Marriage has turned into a practical decision. The pressure around this decision is good as the pressure experienced under water. If only we could allow people to make mistakes, we could have lived and loved without the fear of failure.

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