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If there is a system that allows space for all voices, people feel they are being heard.

There are two facets to this system, first, no one can guarantee equal space for all of these voices and second, the provision is only to feel heard. Actions beyond feeling heard are not guaranteed. Mostly it’s a “maybe” situation.

Such systems tend to rely on a utopian hope, spreading across generations and classes of society. People are allowed to see how some of them have climbed the steps of prosperity and reached a point that separates them from those who are yet to dream. And this is how an egalitarian society turns into a non egalitarian one.

Egalitarian…such a beautiful word. The word has a class, it sounds luxurious to me.

But what is a non egalitarian society? Is it the exact opposite of egalitarianism? Or can we define it in a unique manner? The lines are blurry and volatile. Just like the boundaries of our global village.

And while I love to sound smart, I also love to ask questions, mostly rhetorical ones. I believe chaotic thought processes are more emancipating than structured ones seeking “yes” or “no” answers.

But as the word suggests, chaotic thought processes are way more confusing than they sound. It’s as good as being dumb, ignorant, or overwhelmed with facts. In short the most probable point where one can reach with this process is “Analysis Paralysis”. At times, that’s the only point where one can reach.

Enough of deviating from the main topic..

(Most of the time my blogs are a puzzle for the readers. I give my readers the option to derive whatever they want to from my writings.)

The point is to make people “feel” they are being heard. Allow them to form opinions on matters that don’t matter to their common lives. Thus keeping them apart from thoughts that’ll eventually affect their lives. I mean, why should I know about the drug allegations made upon the son of a world famous celebrity. Why should I feed my brain with these useless facts and politics revolving around this event?

The same goes for politics. In India, there are endless topics for political debates. Every state, every city has its own flavour. And people love to taste it from time to time. We love to discuss them, form opinions, draw conclusions, only to forget..and that’s how the free economy continues. We are not forgetful, but some other new event takes place and our attention spans are drawn towards the new event. We wanted to stay updated therefore, however important could be the old news, it’s only a stale report now. Looking at the current times, I guess I shouldn’t juxtapose words like news and facts. I’d rather find “news” and “rumours” more relatable. Or maybe “news” and “entertainment”.

I’m wondering if this trait was formed along with the advent of consumerism. A considerable fraction of the society would go for the new product in the market. They’ll discuss the product, either like or dislike it, their views will be considered by the manufacturers and based on their opinions changes will be made. The improvised version of the brand new product would replace the old ones and everyone will buy it…simply because everyone is buying it. Just like an instagram reel trend.

So what do we do now? How can we separate the meaningless from the meaningful?

I don’t think we have enough time for that…it’s a long process. Firstly there’s endless reading and thinking involved. Then comes observation, then comes resistance and frustration. Discussions. Got to develop a theory, put it to practice, allow it to fail, work on its loopholes or maybe just hide the loopholes with patches of success stories…then comes marketing this new theory…ahh that’s too much work.

I’d rather just blog about it.

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