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The Queen: a flash fiction

Sita gazed through the tulip gardens to find her daughter playing around butterflies and doves. She remembered her own childhood, her endless longing for her mother. Endless longing for love. And here she held the council today, discussing upcoming events. Matters that required an urgent attention, urgent action. The only thing that mattered to her today was her daughter laughing and playing in the tulip garden. All she wanted to do was protect her only daughter.

“Just look at her, how pure she is, I must protect her”, she said to her brother, Brij.

“It becomes easier to deal with a person whose intentions are clear. It’s easier to trace the source of their emotions and the possible ways in which they can vent them out. How does one deal with an enemy who smiles at your face and carries a knife underneath their clothes?” Sita said whilst turning the frail pages of the book called, “Yuddha Siddhanta”.

“Think like a queen and you’ll know how.” Brij advised.

Sita smiled, her younger brother, her confidant through these tumultuous times.

“As a queen all I can think of now is of the civil war, that’s waiting to befall upon us” Sita carried the title, the crown with grace,strength and reason all together. Her thoughts were running ahead of time. Whoever wins this war will decide the course of the future wars to come. If we win this war, a civil war is very certain. A civil war is a war without face but with hands and legs filled with aggression. It is more lethal as it follows no rules. Negotiation and mercy have no place in a civil war. Sita went into a deep slumber of thoughts, envisaging battleplans for the wars that have not yet begun. She was certain of their victory against the imminent war, war against The Queen of the forgotten army, Halima. The general consensus of the people favoured Halima over Sita. Halima, a fierce yet thoughtless leader of her army was marching with a physically weak, hungry yet determined army. And this very fact shook Sita, because hunger, not only makes a man kill, but can make him eat the flesh of his enemies. Hunger is evil and hunger for power can make anyone blind. Anyone.

“I think we should first get done with this woman marching towards us. The civil war that might arise after this war can be suppressed, rather easily. Don’t worry about it, worry about what you can see right now. Not about what is yet to take birth.” Brij Assured her.

“You are right, but these fears, I can’t stop them. I can smell vengeance and blood right here, even when I’m surrounded by the high walls of this palace. There are many who wait for her arrival with open arms. There are many, who at the slightest warning will be ready to rip our hearts out.” Sita expressed her fear, caressing the roses at her window. A thorn pricked her delicate yet determined fingers.

“I wish our father was alive today. Our enemies would have lost half their strength only by his presence.” Sita once again started turning the pages of the book. She wasn’t searching for any rules on war or politics. She only wanted to feel powerful like her father. Like her father, she had read all the great books on wars, politics and power. But unlike her exiled husband, she exercised her power.

The above fiction is a concurrence of history, mythology and modern fantasy fiction. The premise of the story is inspired by Cersei Lannister’s character from Game of Thrones. In Indian mythology I like the story of Sita.. I am also watching a Turkish series set on the Ottoman’s available on YouTube. Although I’m not aware if it’s been released on YouTube officially. The series introduced me to a character as dark as Cersei Lannister…her name is Halime Sultan. I cannot vouch for the historical accuracies of the series but I always have special place in my heart for broken souls.

Hoping to write more in coming days!!

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