How “to be” under the right influence

Recently I have been thinking and taking up some activities that would help me stay under the right influence. This isn’t going to be a “Five point blog” promising to change anyone’s life, but only a deluge of some personal thoughts.

(Little inner voice: what should be considered as a right influence? Topic for another blog!!)

Right now I don’t want to fill the reader’s mind with my definition of the right influence. With this blog I only want to tingle the reader’s mind.

What could be the possible differences between “How to find the right influence?” and “How to be under the right influence?” I think there is a difference between to find and to be. I would say it is rather easier to find the right kind of influence but challenging to accept and sustain what you have found. At times, all we wanted to find was, “What is the colour of the fruit, peach?” But ended up finding about “How the word peach became a slang in the modern pop culture!”

So how does one process this information? Now this post is specifically for those who have a hard time accepting their higher desires. Those who see the bigger picture and miss out on the details. Those who make meticulous plans but have a hard time on the execution part. Like myself!! I hope I’m not the only one feeling like this..I hope my words are relatable to some of my readers and they find meaning in it.

I have figured out the reason for missing the details is mostly because we are ill informed and once we are well informed about a certain subject we tend to over analyse. I want to avoid using the word overthink, because overthinking has a negative connotation. Over analyse draws your attention towards seeking solution for it, whereas overthink drowns you more into unnecessary guilt and stagnancy. In the process of equipping ourselves with the required information to achieve our desires, we may get overwhelmed by the amount of details involved!! I like to use the word desire rather than dream because “desires” sound more practical. The word dream sounds delusional to me.

Let us take the good old example, let’s assume you want to reach from point A to point D. So one fine morning while having breakfast, it occurred to you, “Oh, what about point B and C? How far is A from B? Can I directly jump to point C? If yes how long is the jump? Am I capable of taking this jump? Or should I take the slower route and first try reaching B?”

You decide to take the slower route and reach point B, but the distance between point B and point C is more than the distance between point A and point B. (Now this is sounding more like a math problem). Ahh, frustration builds up in your mind and you start thinking oh this was a wrong decision!!(which could be the case, there is nothing wrong in making a wrong decision, but it’s wrong to learn nothing from those decisions) Right in the middle of the road, you decide to back out! You may even feel like you are an impulsive decision maker and that doesn’t feel good.

But this wasn’t an impulsive decision (there is difference between being impulsive and being intuitive and I don’t think it can be explained in words, atleast for now!!). You already knew the points you might have to cross to reach your goal. You searched about them, but you can’t expect to know them completely until you reach at those points. Not until you feel, touch and see them. You pondered about the better option, you backed off from jumping directly onto point C and here you are at point B. The basis of your decision, the slower route.

But deciding to back out in the middle of the road may be an impulsive decision.

At this point, you have “to be“. To avoid any sort of dilemma at this point your basis for making any decision must be clear.

I don’t mean to motivate anyone reading this blog. Nah, I don’t believe in motivating, I believe in dissecting the situation. Breaking the situation and your attitude towards the situation into pieces and again joining them together.

A little bit of change in the daily vocabulary, has the capacity to change your mindset.

A little bit of change in your YouTube algorithm, has the capacity to change the kind of knowledge you acquire. (YouTube is what you make of it. It is comparatively more productive place than the other social media platforms.)

Change the kind of books you read, for example I was mostly into fiction and drama and fantasy!! I am now stocking some non fiction books into my shelf.

A little bit of change in daily habits has the capacity of transitioning yourself into a different person. Maybe even the kind of person you always wanted to be. Speaking of habits, don’t bound yourself to activities that make you feel drained. The same activities might have worked for someone else, but may not necessarily work for you. Your present isn’t their present. Your past wasn’t their past and even if it was any similar, you are a different person. Each of us has our peculiar pace.

I can go on endlessly on this topic…most probably I’ll end up deviating from where I started and what I intended to say. But in the meanwhile I might end up saying things that were lying in my subconscious mind which I wouldn’t have known had I planned to talk about them.

I hope this is how humans normally talk.

Thanks for reading my ramble.

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