White pasta

Not the best picture but the best taste for sure!!

Instagram has made it difficult for people with ordinary cutlery to post photos of their food. Aesthetics matter to the eye, taste matters to the tongue. And the tonnes of cheese I have poured into this dish, I’m sure, every cell of my body now knows the taste of cheese.

This Gordon Ramsay inspired pasta prides itself with the finely sliced onions smeared in Amul butter (sabka butter) until they turn rose pink in colour. Thinly sliced five cloves of garlic with one green chilli and the most balanced dash of black pepper and oregano!! Saute all of it in the most unhealthy amount of butter and more butter and more butter (just make you don’t die the next time you see butter).

Add some hot water. Now you have a choice here.

Either wait like me until the pasta becomes gooey or I know a few people who don’t like gooey pasta. They like it a bit firm. And that’s not how you eat pasta. So better wait.

The one ingredient I didn’t have readily available, which ideally any house should always have was coriander or the more stylish name “Cilantro” (I hope I am not wrong to assume coriander and cilantro as the same herb).

Don’t forget the salt.

#whitepasta #foodporn #sundayrecipes

Happy Sunday!!

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