For a long I thought I shouldn’t be expressing negativity or darkness in my writings…but then I read poems by Sylvia Plath and she changed my mind…I believe forever. Here’s a small poem inspired by her writings. I haven’t tried to write like her that wasn’t my intention. I just liked how she went so deep into the alleys of her mind. How I wish, if someone had helped her when she was in pain..


And I have killed my intuitions so many times that I have forgotten how it feels to live and love the moment simultaneously.

Why should I even bother anyone with my lamentations
I need no sympathy
No comfort to console my unexpressed grief

Follow your intuitions, he told me
I said it’s precarious
Intuitions die the very moment they are born,
How do I trust the frailties of my mind?
I cannot imagine myself turning blind towards what’s visible
I cannot imagine myself turning blind towards what’s poking me
My mind seeks light
Darkness is beyond my comprehension

It’s your fear, he told me.

Yes it’s fear
Fear of losing my present
In the attempt to surpass reality
Fear that my beliefs will always be wrong and I’ll end up worse than my present.
The fear of attachment
The fear of detachment
The fear of being stranded in between

This pride is making you hollow, he said
Yes my pride
My borrowed pride, the price is pay is peace of my mind
My pride
Bestowed upon me
From the days of my innocence
Ignorant of it’s definitions
Ignorant of it’s consequences
But I never owned the pride for my own self
I never wore it on my sleeves
I rather kept it hidden inside my pockets
The deep pockets of my mind.

He said don’t worry
Don’t think much
And he said so many many things…

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