People create memories
Be it by your closed ones
Be it from strangers
At times the ones created by strangers become more dear to our hearts than the ones created by our closed ones

Places create memories too
The walls
The cracks on those walls
The broken parts of those walls
The roads
The alleys
The streetlights
The not so lit up parts
The traffic, the endless honking
The displaced and misplaced pavement blocks
The markets
The bargaining
The colourful women selling fruits, books and everything that you might not need
The simple men cycling their way through the hardships of life

Amongst all these who are doing their share of business

There stands an onlooker
Waiting for the his luck to alter

The onlooker is being observed by a broke writer

But might I just the writer,
Observe closer
Listen more keenly
And you could hear the buildings laughing at your pedestrian crossing skills!!

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