Let’s talk about Nihilism

I saw a youtube video today
Link as follows πŸ‘‰ Nihilism: The Belief in Nothing

The creator of this video is only trying to explain the concept and I’m not having any prejudices against the creator of this video. He has made an exceptionally beautiful video. I have watched many videos explaining Nihilism and I guess this one explains Nihilism in the best way.

The video talks about a philosophy called “Nihilism”, which means nothing matters. Life is meaningless. Everyone is going to die anyway.

Ok, that’s too much negativity for the weekend.

If we are to establish the significance of this philosophy compared to the measurements of time, I would say this concept holds relevance hardly for a minute.

At the same time I also believe that humans aren’t any kind of supreme creation who will add value into the chaos of this universe. I mean we do have the capacity of adding more chaos into the chaos but value…I doubt let’s see..let’s be optimistic about it.

I believe in the following,

Why is that we humans always want to understand the meaning of our existence in the context of this universe? It’s impossible to judge the meaning of our existence in the context of the universe since we haven’t completely understood the nature of this universe. The concept of nihilism seems incomplete. If life has no meaning does that mean death is meaningful? And it’s impossible for our minds to get a hold of these larger than life concepts…or philosophies. I’m not an expert on human brain biology…but I don’t think we are wired to accept nihilism..had that been the case humans wouldn’t have ever discovered fire.

Butterflies of the universe


To form an opinion about anything, firstly we need to have complete knowledge about the object of the concept and the peripheral mechanism or structure in which the object operates. Here the object is human life and the peripheral mechanism is the universe.

Have we gained the integral wisdom of human life?

Let alone the meaning of this universe!!

So how can anyone say life is meaningless?


Compare the life of a human with the existence of a neutron star. Life seems meaningless.

Compare the life of a human with that of the butterflies flying randomly over the daisies in your vicinity…life seems beautiful.

The other argument

And there is no need to feel devalued just because we can’t time travel or because one fine day the sun will devour our planet!! The more knowledge we acquire, the doom becomes more evident and seems imminent as well. Yes it’s all going to end one day..but what about the journey?

Some ardent nihilists might argue what of the journey when no one remains to record and no one remains to listen to our stories?

I got no answers for them.


Comparing the meaning of our lives on the grand scale of this universe or multiverse as some say…will only pose unsolvable riddles. Acknowledging the limitations of human potentiality and creating something meaningful in the given set of limitations…I believe adds meaning to human life. I think it depends on us as humans to create meaning…life inherently may not have any meaning but it can be created. Accept life the way it is… chasing for immortality and pomposity will not make us gods…if that is what we are aiming for!!

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