Did you know “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi isn’t his only master creation..his composition, “Primavera” is equally enchanting.


A lot many changes are taking place in my personal life. Changes that are compelling me to change my attitude towards Life and Happiness. I have always pondered upon what it truly means to be happy for a long long time. Right from my teenage years I can say. I have explored spirituality and had the guts to explore atheism as well, for a while. My point isn’t to prove if there is any supreme creator in this universe or not… whether you are a theist or atheist…no one in this world is wise or knowledgeable to prove anything about this topic.

Nonetheless that isn’t even the point of this blog.

So what’s the point?

I was wondering if the state of happiness is just like any other biochemical condition caused in humans due to any external force or event.

I have no idea what I am saying or what I’m about to say. It makes no grammatical sense either. So don’t blame me for disturbing your peace of mind.

What if I replace the word “external” with the word “internal” does that make any sense?

Can we be solely responsible for everything that happens to us? Isn’t there any external force? Anything like luck?

There’s one mantra I recite the moment I start drowning into my own whirlpool of thoughts,

And the Mantra is,

Everything happens for a reason.

This sentence waters the wildfire of my thoughts!! This means at the very least I do believe in luck. How could one not believe in it…life is so random…so unstructured…uneven.

Extent of randomness

If you are wondering how random life can be, let me give a common example.

There are people with whom you might have lived or are living for years and yet their absence sometimes makes you feel more relieved than their presence.

And then you meet a few people in your life, for a short while but their absence stays with you for a lifetime.

Am I being too dramatic?

Maybe I’m!!

Photo clicked and edited by myself.
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