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Universe: a flash fiction

The fact that she won’t be able to see him ever again was eating her on the inside.
Making her hollow as every minute passed by. She could only touch the tip of his fingers and yet could see his soul. Promises didn’t entice her but a soul to soul talk did. She wasn’t weak, she was stronger than anyone could have thought of, but does that mean life will throw away any challenge upon her?

It’s difficult, it’s hard to accept this fate, she said.

To loose someone before seeing their scars
To loose someone before showing them yours..

The prospect of holding hands and giving a goodnight kiss is all lost forever.

She asked me,
“Do you even know what forever means? It means never ever I’ll be seeing him and never ever he’ll be seeing me again.
This was the final goodbye.
No more hopes, no more hugs.
We had something.. something like..a spark….a small spark. Do you know what a small spark can do?”

What? I asked,

“It could form a universe.” She replied.

After listening to her pain I stayed quiet for a while, gazed outside the window of her bedroom and saw the same old life taking place in the outside world. Pigeons flying, kids crying and the lilies on her window were still blooming.

I shifted my gaze towards to her only to see,

She had turned quiet forever.

My pain was, I couldn’t feel her pain.

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