There’s a bright dusty corner in my house
Filled with old unread books and maps of the world
Some cleanly packed in shiny covers
Some torn into miserable pieces
Some pages long lost forever
The Sun sprinkles his light upon the decaying pages
Inspires me to clean my stuff..
But I make no efforts
To honour his request

I have kept my stuff around the corner for years now
I have lost the count for how long
Anyways I was never good with numbers
The sparrows whisper about my mess
The stars laugh upon my maps of the world
Or should I say they laugh upon the world of my maps!
They knew I was never going to use them
Would only stare at them
Only to dream of memories that never took place

The moon has been calling me from past few nights
Urging me to read one book covered in blue
The title read “Undiscovered”
And I decided to let it stay undiscovered..

©Akshaya Bobale

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