Why is our focus so fickle?

Disclaimer: The views are personal and expressed out of the need to express. I have been facing some similar challenges in my life from the past few years so I thought of sharing views and methods that worked for me.

Ever tried focusing on your life?
I try every day!!

I’m absolutely, not at all eligible to write on this topic and yet I’ll embark upon it, because it’s the weekend and I must write a blog.

In my previous blog, I concluded that our human brain has it’s limitations. Once we accept that our brain does not work like a machine made of metal but of flesh and muscle, we may find better ways to overcome it’s limitations.

“Try not to seek any answers in this blog, for this blog is going to be a puzzle you may or may not solve.”

I would also like to state that fickleness is a feature of “Focus” if not it’s very nature. Focus isn’t a one time investment. It’s a continuous process. Requires timely efforts and evaluation to make sure we are on the right path.

I did some very basic things and took up some very basic habits to realign my focus towards my goals.

Starting with,

Firstly, have an aim

If you don’t believe in your goal, you’ll never ever be able to focus on it. Your focus will always oscillate between procastination and dissatisfaction. The first step towards aligning your focus towards your goals would be to believe in them, strongly. Or rather aim for goals in which you can believe comfortably. Goals don’t always have to be unrealistic. You either choose a realistic goal or you turn your unrealistic goals into reality. Both require an equal amount of discipline and hardwork. Your goal has to be yours and not be compared with anyone else’s. You must believe in it, if you believe in it. You must act on it if you believe in it.

Enough of the motivation part, because outward motivation is kind of a drug. One may get addicted to false motivation. If your mind depends on some outward force to keep you motivated, I don’t think that’s the best kind of motivation. Motivation should come from within, that’s all I can say.

So did I do anything different or completely out of the world? Like a trip to the moon to see how our lives look like from the glowy shiny cheese ball?

You definitely know what’s the answer.

I don’t want to sound idealistic or perfect but it’s not like I’m driven by a force every second of the day. Or that I have sorted everything about my life. No, a lot of work needs to be done.

But I believe everyone, for once in their life, should try to do some soul searching.


Close your eyes for ten minutes if not everyday at least once a week. The first step that I take during meditation is to feel thankful for everything. For things I received or didn’t receive in life. The very act of closing our eyes and reflecting upon life neutrally makes some space for new thoughts and positive energy. Some simple breathing exercises like Pranayam can help. It does really help and I would recommend researching more about it and learning the correct technique from an expert. Best time to meditate; in the morning. Best place would be somewhere outside near the trees with mild sunlight but considering the pandemic comfort of your own house would also do. If you are unable to close your eyes or can’t stop thinking negatively, try listening to good soothing music. Something that’s soft and slow, like a sitar or piano soundtrack I guess that should help. In my initial days of practising meditation I was absolutely clueless about what I should do after closing my eyes. I mean what do I do now when all I can see is just dark black colour?

I tried watching a few videos on how to meditate but I don’t think meditation is something that can be taught. It can be learnt with self practice though. It was then I turned towards breathing exercises because when you do those exercises there’s only thing you need to do. Concentrate on your breathing. So if you are new to meditation you can start with breathing exercises. But you can always find your own unique method.

Sleeping patterns

Sleeping patterns have a significant amount of impact on basically everything we do. In a fast paced world it is nearly impossible to have an ideal 8 hours sleep. But we can try sleeping better on weekends. I have also noticed our food plays an important role in deciding our sleeping patterns. Especially the food we have at dinner. As far as Indian food is concerned, at dinner I avoid eating pickles, papad or fryums or anything that requires deep frying. I also make sure there is enough gap of at least 2-3 hours between my evening tea and my dinner. I have started cutting down milk from my tea. Now all of this works for me. I’m not trying to suggest any standard for what everyone must do with their diet, all I want to say is to observe what works best for your body and eat accordingly. A good Sunday night sleep is the starting point for a better Monday! Make efforts to sleep better, give your brain a good rest. Read good books, listen to some soft music. Nowadays I’m listening to Ludovico Einaudi before going to sleep, you can try listening to his music as well.

Take up an engaging activity

Now this activity could be related to your ultimate goals or could be unrelated as well. This could be any physical activity like walking, running, gardening, knitting, writing, drawing, etc. You don’t need to be completely committed to doing this activity, it should be something you would like to do in your spare time. A hobby you can say but you aren’t bound to do it forever. It should be something different than all the other activities of your daily life. For me, it is learning new languages. At college I had undertaken extra lectures on the German language and I have continued studying the language as a hobby. There are so many language learning apps and YouTube channels providing free content. I don’t do it everyday but maybe once a month just to refresh my brain. How far have I succeeded in learning German? That’s a topic for another blog!!


I wanted to write on this topic because I have went through some really haphazardy moments in the past few years that made me question my stance towards “focus”. In my teenage years I didn’t really have any issues with staying focused in life, having goals and getting them. But my early twenties were a bit different. So I had to do a complete makeover of my attitude towards being focused in life and hence this blog.

I hope you find something meaningful in it.

Happy Reading!!

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