Is it possible to stay focused all the time?

Focus is such a fascinating attribute of the human mind.

It is challenging, at times impossible to achieve. For example right now I’m finding it really difficult to make sure I do not drift away from the point. It has been a very exhausting week and since I love to challenge myself beyond my limits, I have chosen this topic for today’s blog.

Ok let’s focus

Focus is the line, not necessarily a straight line, that starts with a source of aspiration and ends with the accomplishment of the aspiration. Let me make a note here, the definition of accomplishment is subjective. For some accomplishment is like a dead end and for others it’s just the next step towards a new goal.

To start with, I believe if you do what you love doing, maintaining focus shouldn’t be an issue. But life isn’t all about dreams.

The many other things that make up life

For example, increasing inflation!

How to maintain focus when you just don’t like what you do?

Maybe you just don’t like your current job and that’s why you find it hard to focus on anything else you do in your life.

The most popular and simple advice would be to quit the job. Had it been so easy to quit jobs the entire global economy would have been doomed by now! At times there is no option but to continue with the job and seek life outside the cubicle. Now this is a very tricky vortex of life since you seek both. Stability along with some risk. So don’t be surprised if you feel like banging your head on the door, occasionally. As time goes by you understand the importance of seeking balance rather than just chasing your dreams blindly. You learn to manoeuvre your time and skills in a way that works the best for you.

By now you might have understood, focus isn’t something that can be invested only into one particular activity throughout your life. But it can definitely be invested into one thing at a time.

When Joanne Kathleen Rowling first started writing the Harry Potter series she was already a single mother of her baby girl. She had to feed her child and simultaneously continue doing what she believed in. She may have faced many other emotional hardships and financial turmoil.

Does it mean she completely invested herself into her writing?
Does it mean she wasn’t able to focus enough on her writing?

Although, most of the time focus is picturised as a single point or a straight line with no ups and downs, in reality focus is the complete opposite of the two.

Ideal representation of “Focus”

There are days when your mind is highly focused and productive. There are days when you just feel dumb. I go through such days when I feel like…like I’m just a soft boiled potato and nothing else!!!

Why does this happen?

Because we are humans and not machines.

We have an organ called The Brain, that’s a muscle and not a machine or software or algorithm or whatever other hi-tech nomenclature you want to designate. Ultimately the biology of the human body pops her head out and nags us with insomnia and idiocy.


I believe our focus is dependent on factors that could either help build it or make it weak. I’m planning to write another blog that’ll highlight a few of them. Well I’m no expert in teaching anyone how to stay focused, all I can say is allow yourself some rest to reset your mind.

Thanks for reading!!

Be safe!!

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