Random thoughts


There comes a time when this word triggers anxiety more than the actual feeling of being or wanting to be happy.

Happiness is overrated.

It’s the most misunderstood human emotion.

Our approach towards happiness has many flaws. Flaws that can be rectified with retrospection.

Retrospection can start only with a clean slate of mind.

A mind full of stale thoughts and dreams is the best place for lamenting.

It is very natural for us to follow a herd mentality. We follow it even when we think we aren’t following it. Our mind tricks us into believing what we are thinking is true than anything else in this illusive world.

This world sets the standards which can also be called boundaries. Standards allow us to function in an orderly manner.
Boundaries stop us from plummeting into chaos. Or that’s what they say.

Boundaries define us.

Limits define us.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Imagine yourself walking along the edge of a cliff.

You may want to get back to a safer place.

You may want to paraglide into the sky with the sea beneath your feet.

You may want to sit down on the cliff, relax and absorb the beauty.

You may want to keep walking until you reach the end, just for the fun of it.

You may want to try some Irish dance steps along the cliff.

You may want to scream your name towards eternity along the cliff.

You may want to try being an opera singer as well.


You could just accidentally fall off the cliff.

The cliff is the limit, the boundary.

There’s no right or wrong way.
It’s your own way.
Whatever you do, there’s always a chance of falling off the edge.

I guess, let’s rest for now.
Too much information is the first step towards unwanted chaos.

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