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We need some clarity…

The world is going through a second wave of coronavirus. Some countries are even facing a third wave of it. First, second, third, lives are being lost, life is being lost, economics and the economy seem to have lost their value like never before in history and everyone’s confused.

Last year, during the same time India started experiencing it’s first few cases. By this time the government had begun taking measures that they thought were appropriate for the time. But no one knew what to do exactly. Masks started finding their way into our lives and lockdown was a new word for us. Many of us took the privilege of rediscovering our lives in isolation and many more lived in despair due to financial crises.

I still cannot forget the embarrassing migrant workers crisis India faced across it’s states during the last year. Many advised the government to give direct financial aid to the citizens but the government rather chose to provide credit to the businesses. I’m not sure which one is the least worst decision, to give away free money to citizens or to give cheap credit to already indebted businesses. Let the finance ministry decide because maybe this year too they might have to show up and make promises for a better future.

We were all going good until February 2021! Then suddenly what happened in March 2021?

Vaccinations have been started for people working in essential services on a compulsory basis. The initial drives look good. In my vicinity many elderly people have begun taking the vaccine. But the recent sudden surge in cases is bothering.

We need to find the exact reason for it. Physical distancing, masks, washing hands, sanitizers have become part of daily life. Still why the sudden rise? People belonging to the field of research must find out. I’m sure they would be doing it. But every single day of lockdown costs millions. No government is ready for another financial hit any sooner. We are yet to come out of the previous years losses.

My home has turned into an office for the past one year. No, I am not complaining, I atleast have my job. What I want to say is, we have crossed the limits of changing our lifestyle just to get adjusted to this virus which, I have heard, keeps on changing it’s features from country to country. It’s too much now. We cannot just shut down small businesses any more. Last year to repay their previous debts, the government announced credit schemes. Which means their situation hasn’t changed. They are still in debt and now with the news of extended lockdown looming over, how are they supposed to live? How are they supposed to live even after once this virus is contained?

If the vaccine is really working then we need more of it.

But maybe elections are more important.


One response to “We need some clarity…”

  1. The biggest problem, at least here in Canada, is some people’s unwillingness to obey the rules for the good of all. 😦


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