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My observations about love…

So last night at around 1:00 am, I was chatting with one of my friends. We discussed topics ranging from best Kishor Kumar songs to how and when to fall in love!

Such is the power of late night chats.

Out of the blue a mysterious part of the brain activates, which was asleep for most part of our life and revelations often ensue after having these deep late night chats.

A lot of time had passed between the last time I had a dialogue, on love. My personal experience suggests, the more one thinks about love, the more it runs away from us! So let’s keep this blog short and simple!

So here are some valuable insights discovered by me and my friend about love. These are tried and tested conclusions but some of you may hold different opinions about and that’s alright! 

The first question was, have you ever fallen in true love?

Now me and my friend come from diverse backgrounds. She has been single throughout her life and I have been quite familiar with this feeling of falling and breaking apart in love. Notwithstanding this difference in our experiences about love, we both came to a common conclusion that we haven’t yet found true love! If one has ever fallen in true love, one shouldn’t be asking this question to themselves ever! Is it too much we are asking for ?

What do you want in a relationship?

Hmm..We often think about what we want from the other person but seldom think about what we have to offer in a relationship. What do we want from ourselves, from the other person and as a unit together what would we like to achieve. I know this is too much to think when one is falling in love…when one is deeply engrossed in the magic of love, it’s the time when the sun shines brighter and honey tastes more sweeter. But a little thought could save you from a wrong decision from a wrong person.

Is there a right time to fall in love?

What a silly question right? There’s no logic in love hence no question of the right timing! Is it ?

Just mull over it for not more than 5 minutes and you might change your opinion. Although there is no right time to fall in love, there could be a wrong time to fall in love. And the time is when one feels the most insecure. That’s not the best time to find comfort in someone else’s words. At such times seek for a therapist rather than for a love partner. We may tend to depend on the person for our every emotional need, it’s okay to ask for help, but not okay to depend. What remains of such a relationship is only toxicity!

How to know if we have moved on from our previous relationship?

Well, I won’t be able to explain much on this topic, but I would encourage people to take time and understand if they have really moved on or they are just trying to fake strength. Is there an ideal time to move on? I don’t know but if you stuck with it for more than six months, I guess you should get help from friends, family or if required professional help from a qualified doctor. there anything like unconditional love? Love without any expectations?

I say no. If you don’t have basic human expectations from this person why is even he or she there in your life? I am not talking about materialistic expectations, I am talking about the heart to heart conversations. There are certain expectations and sacrifices that need to be fulfilled. Both of them should have the courtesy to acknowledge these sacrifices on a timely basis.

Most importantly…both should know to have fun in life!

A glimpse from today!

Since it’s Holi today made some Puran Polis! Puran polis are my favorite Indian sweet delicacy. There are flatbreads made from wheat and Maida ( I’m not sure what’s Maida called in English) stuffed with a mixture made from jaggery, lentils, green cardamoms and a pinch of nutmeg!

Ahh just ignore the mess around the plate..that’s called normal cooking!

One response to “My observations about love…”

  1. Great post!!❤️
    Even i feel the same like there is no life or unconditional love without expectations. After all we are humans who depend on each other. Like your friend, I’ve been single for a long time. I haven’t found my true love or soul mate yet. I’m damn sure he is pulling the door to reach me somewhere which says push 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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