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Balancing the duality of our identity


One word and endless discussions.


The primary identifier of one’s personality.

In my life I never had the misfortune of being let down because of the gender stereotypes associated with being a woman. Not at school, not at college and not even at my job.

But why is this the topic for today’s blog?

Because of one instagram post that opened my eyes towards an aspect of gender equality.

Link for the post here👉 babil.i.k

Quote from the post,

“I think every person is made of a cosmic duality and what truly makes you a man is recognising the woman inside you.”

Which brings us to the below conclusion,

That every woman has two dimensions inside her personality, one is the feminine and another is the masculine. Similarly every man has a masculine as well as a feminine dimension to his personality. But are we having clear thoughts upon the definition of what is means by feminine or masculine energy?

Conventionally feminine energy is portrayed as a more softer form of energy, something related to our emotions. Whereas masculine energy is showcased as all about the physical strength. Now these are the conventional ideas which may hold their roots in the stereotypical ideas that we have been following for years. We might not even know their exact place of birth and what made these ideas become mainstream. How did we begin to accept them? It is difficult to answer this question because we might have varied opinions about gender equality. These thoughts come from experiences. Ironically, these experiences were generated from these age old thoughts. They were common across cultures. Throughout human history, power positions have been the birth right of men and women in the supportive roles. Yes there have been instances in history where we had some exceptional women leaders who changed the meaning of being powerful. That power wasn’t the exclusive right of men. Throughout history, being submissive was regarded as the ultimate feminine quality any woman could possess. I also want to point out the fact that throughout history men have died fighting wars for most part of their lives. They have spilled blood, their lives have been used for someone else’s victories, they have been taught to be a superhuman. A single mistake would cost them their self esteem. From a young age they had to prove their prowess. On the other hand from a young age girls had to prove their fertility and virginity. Now I don’t know if the creator of this world made it in such a way or we as humans distorted nature’s way of equality. But what I know is that for years we have believed that a man needs to be hard like a rock and it’s okay only for a woman to cry. That a man can express his aggression but a woman would be called outspoken just for opening her mouth. And this is just the beginning of the discussion.

So coming back to our question.

How do we balance these energies? Within ourselves as well as within our societies?

As a woman how do I balance the masculine and the feminine that’s inside me?

I tried to search on the internet about what these energies mean exactly. What aspects of human nature are categorised as feminine and what aspects are categorised as masculine. For feminine aspects I didn’t have to search much, there’s a lot written about it on the internet. So much that I got confused. But for masculinity, I couldn’t find much. Mostly what I found were critical blogs promising to redefine our idea of masculinity. So how do I find the answers if for one aspect I get bombarded by hundreds of blogs and for another I hardly find any to read. So I decided to search from a spiritual point of view.

And this search brought me to the term “Yoga” which literally means “union”.

But union of what? I observed two ideas flowing in the internet regarding the definition of yoga.

First is the union of masculine and feminine energies.
Second is the union of our own consciousness with the universal consciousness.
With respect to the second definition, I think our consciousness is itself made of masculine and feminine energies and hence I believe the two definitions, although they sound different yet are similar fundamentally.

In the end I found that it’s the biology that rules us. It’s in the hormones. What can you say further when your hormones are meddling with your mind. A slightest kick from the conventional societal norms is enough to imbalance our state of mind, eventually causing an imbalance in the state of society. Wow that’s kind of a circle. A vicious circle. Basically it’s like balancing the estrogen and testosterone. If biologically every man has some amount of estrogen inside his body, then what’s wrong if he enjoys his feminine energy. If every woman has some amount of testosterone inside her body, then what’s wrong if she manifests her masculine energy.

A balance between the two energies should teach us to be a decent human. That would be the ultimate union.


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