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Plastic pasta

One summer afternoon
I was playing with my dolls
When one of them suddenly yelled at me,
“Girl I don’t like you! Don’t play with us!”
I left the dolls on their own
They played amongst themselves
Cooking cakes and drinking lemonades
And eating plastic pasta

I ran towards the mango trees
Tried picking some of them
When they suddenly teased me for my freckles
All of them started laughing at me
I threw stones at them
And all of them began falling at once
All falling over me
In a while I was swimming in a sea of mangoes

I struggled to swim across the sea of mangoes
I tried and tried hard to reach the surface
On the surface I saw a herd of horses approaching me
In no time they would crush me with these mangoes
I was afraid of becoming a mango pulp
Boring yellow mango pulp
No that’s not what I want to be

I kept my chin up
And aimed to mount one of the horses
Surprisingly all of them had saddles on them
I saw one
The slowest of all
Yes I aimed to mount for the slowest of the herd
And I managed…terribly..
Tumbling and crying
I saved myself from falling off the horse

I got hurt
Very badly
My cheeks hurt
My hands, legs and back seemed broke
Blood ran down from my nostrils
It felt like death
Scared and scared
I kissed my horse and got going

But where was I going anyway?

I didn’t knew

So I decided to make a raid upon the doll house
Revenge the dolls was my motto
Crush them
Break them
And while I was approaching the doll house
The big pink house filled with silly doors and windows
Silly tea parties and lunches
With pasta made from plastic

At the slightest kick my horse
Whom I called Regaro by the time
Galloped into the big pink house
Through the doors

And I found no one
With rage in my eyes and fury on mind
I searched for them everywhere
The dolls were gone

They had died from eating the plastic pasta.


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