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Films..films and films..

After watching Venessa Kirby in The Crown, I wanted to make sure I would watch her every film or series!

The trailer itself is quite intense. What grasped my attention is the fact that Martin Scorsese is the executive producer of the film. If Martin Scorsese is part of the film…definitely the film is full of substance. That’s when I decided to watch the film.

The story

Pieces of a woman is a story of a young mother named Martha Weiss played by Vanessa Kirby and her husband Sean Carson played by Shia LaBeouf. The couple goes through a traumatic home birth process of their first child. This is where the story begins.

The action begins as soon as the film starts. I mean there is no small talk in the film and
every emotion of the protagonist as well as the supporting characters is displayed intricately. Every character was given it’s space..they were allowed to make mistakes as well as correct them. Think as well overthink. Laugh, cry and ponder endlessly about their fate. The midwife named Eva Woodward played by Molly Parker has an amazing presence in the film. Eva is the replacement midwife instead of the one who was supposed to come. Throughout the labour scene one could see a succession of emotions in Eva’s presence, navigating through happiness, patience, excitement, fear, anxiety and eventually leading to a heartbreak.

The little details

There are many small details in the film that add to it’s aesthetics. For example the red coat worn by Martha, the coat reflected the colour of her soul. The use of apples as her favourite fruit. Martha’s messed hair, I loved them too. The use of contrasting shades of light too is a distinct feature of the film. The level of light in each frame somehow correlated with flow of emotions amongst the characters. The strained relationship between Martha’s mother and her daughter isolates the character of Martha apart from everyone around her. And I guess this was done on purpose so that we could follow only Martha’s point of view throughout the film, without judging if she was right or wrong. Because the film wasn’t about what was the right thing to do, it was about an unfortunate incident. The kind of incidents that happen in our lives no matter how perfectly we try to bind our lives together.

Although I’m an amateur film lover, I don’t remember if there was any film made about the aftermath of losing a child. And if there was any film, please suggest it to me in the comments. And even if there was I would like to know if they portrayed the process of labour as natural as the one shown in this film.

I can watch the film many more times. I have already watched it twice. Vanessa Kirby is awesome..I want to follow her career trajectory..I want to see what kind of films she does in the future.

The White Tiger

The most anticipated film of 2021!!
Yep, watched this one too!
But I’m still trying to process the film. I cannot say that I have understood the film completely. I disagree with a few parts of the film. From an acting perspective, it was refreshing to see the new face of Adarsh Gourav along with big stars like Priyanka Chopra, Rajkumar Rao and Mahesh Manjrekar. The storyline is strong..the way events unfold in the film is exciting. Suspense and philosophy play in the background of the film. It’s a good film..but I would like to write about it in a comprehensive way only after watching it once again!

Till then keep reading my blog!!

Have a happy weekend!


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