The month so far..

A personal post..

For me 2021 did start with an accelerating speed. It started with a different vibe, a positive one. And so far this month is turning to be one of the decisive ones in my life. I feel so.


I’m a very intuitive person. I believe in guts and vibes. I’m partially irrational sometimes. And this aspect of mine has at times either turned out to be extremely good or relatively bad for me. I also believe in destiny, that we are destined to be somewhere for some reason. There is reason for everything that happens with us, or maybe I try to reason out everything that happens with me!! I do it because I believe in learning, that life is a continuous learning process. I do believe there’s something out there after death. No not heaven or hell, but who knows some other dimension of deep sleep, a hidden dimension of our own consciousness that we aren’t aware about while we are alive. I know this makes no sense, it’s actually nonsense. But that’s the irrational part of me.


The month so far has been kind with me. I have once again realised the significance of thanking God for all what we have and do not have. It’s a strange feel strong and weak at the same time.


I have always been a picky person while choosing friends, I don’t think much while shopping for clothes or things of material nature. But for people, I used to be very very particular. Now I’m only particular and not very very particular. Circumstances changed and I learnt from them, that this useless ego of building walls around my aura would only halt my understanding of this world. It would be the biggest hindrance that I would create myself forbidding to live life at its fullest.

Other things..

Apart from all above, I would like to recommend a must watch Netflix series called Luna Nera.

Why should you watch Luna Nera?

Until now they have released season one, I’m not much aware if they’ll be releasing season two..but it’s my ardent desire that should release many more seasons ahead. The series has an intriguing storyline of a young girl called Ade who is accused of witchcraft and Ade herself had moments of identity crisis. Along the way she meets some like minded women and also her love Pietro. The stories of individual characters have been woven brilliantly together. Acting is great. One more distinguishing feature of the series is the cinematography of the series. It has the quality of distracting the viewer from their reality. Go ahead and watch Luna Nera you won’t regret when you reach the final episode.

Song recommendation

I guess Bollywood has stopped making songs like these…


Have a happy weekend!!

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