I sit besides my window
Brought myself a cup of tea
That sits in front of me, like a Queen
The steam of the hot tea taking the shape of her crown
Well it’s a precious moment

I look outside my window and find similar rooms
Similar lives
Simple people trying to live a simple life
But simple life is an everyday hustle
It needs a big heart and more muscle

I look above
The blue canvas painted in tints of rose pink and purples
Some white clouds sailing in there
Leaves of black plum trees greeting the cold breeze
And I see the squirrels shying away from this idiotic world
Running back into their dark yet warm tree holes
And I smile

I hear the children play
Shouting and laughing
Doing all sorts of silly things
Playing with mud and leaves
Old ladies chatting about some petty issues
Whining maybe

I am admiring the world in all it’s imperfections
It’s a rare experience
To tame down the impressions we have build for years and draw a completely new picture
In a very small voice
My cup of tea whispered,
“Girl you forgot me!”

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