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The last letter: a short fictional story part (two)

Bahar started reading another letter, she wasn’t necessarily reading them chronologically.

“Date 05 September 1998,

Dear Bhaskar,

It’s been a long, long time I haven’t heard from you. Times have changed, the storm is settled now. My husband is happily married to that woman. I hope they find love.

But I am worried about you now. I hope you are doing well. I hope your family is well too. For me my family is only Bahar. And she’s doing great at school.

I have got a telephone line, if we could meet once at lunch… My address is the same but I guess you have changed your address, or maybe you have changed completely..

I’m otherwise very happy in my life. I’m working at a school, I’m also working with an NGO for education. Everything seems balanced, somehow. Got some new good friends who keep my spirits high and I’m thinking of enrolling into a Bachelor’s of Theology. Strange choices as always.

Waiting for your reply

Yours Azara”

Oh Azara, Azara she hoped for him till her final moments.

Bahar showed me her mum’s photo. My heart sunk in grief and astonishment at the same time. I was astonished because this was more than I expected. I had thought I’ll only deliver the letters and get back for the return journey. But here I was learning how to love and how to be happy. I guess these are two different things which we often mix and make a mess.

Bahar smiled at this letter, “Love is sacrifice more than happiness, she used to say to me. Now I know why.”

She continued,

“Mum passed away this year, in the month of April. In her final moments she was writing a letter. I asked her to whom she is writing, she didn’t say anything. She gave me an address and asked me to post it at the earliest, I did as she said, is that last letter also a part of these letters? I had posted around at the end of February..”

I couldn’t remember if any letter was received around February, I just collected all that Jay gave me. I don’t know if Jay had collected the letter, I don’t know if he has kept it safe. Bahar was staring at me with hope, hoping for a yes. But I said, “I don’t know, I’m sorry.”

Once again, a strange silence ushered through the windows.

“I think this is your moment and I must give you your privacy, I must leave.” I insisted.

“Do you know anything about Bhaskar?” Bahar asked out of nowhere.

“I…I don’t know, how would I know?” I replied.

“Yes you are right, thanks a lot for keeping these safe.”

“Maybe we could find out about Bhaskar, by tracing all the previous owners of the house in Pune, maybe we could find out.” I suggested.

Her eyes gleamed with hope.

“But what if Bhaskar, like my mum, is dead by now? What if he died long ago? Because as you said your friend Jay is the 8th owner of the house. Until her last letter she wrote to the same address. Which means she wasn’t aware of the correct whereabouts of Bhaskar. I don’t think it’s worth it finding him.”

Bahar ended her own sentence and idea. She was checking if the last letter was along with the bunch I bought, but the last one was dated 05 September 2019. No letter after that date.

I asked her, “Are you sure if the last letter was dispatched to Pune and not to some other address? I’m asking just out of curiosity if your mum ever found out that the man whom she was writing wasn’t staying there any more. And if he didn’t reply to her why was she still writing at the same address. And why didn’t she try to locate his phone number or something. I mean..I don’t know..all of these questions are just popping in my mind now.”

“Well I don’t remember either if I had Pune in the address as Pune or some other city. My mum was kind and beautiful. She was a teacher at a school. She deserved more in life. But she knew how to be happy.”

A strange question popped in my mind. It was a daring question and a daunting one too. But maybe it will help to solve the mystery about the last letter. I didn’t know how to frame it, but I had too,

“Was your mother at peace in her final hours? Did she yearn for anything or anyone? Was there any sign that showed she received her reply? Or did you ever find any letter from Mr.Bhaskar at your home?”

Bahar was stunned by my question. Yes I had thought too deep and asked the most unexpected question. But it was important to know if she ever received her reply. She got up from here sofa, walked towards the window, looked outside and said,

“She was at peace, completely silent, happy I would say. She was calm like this breeze, she whispered into my ears, “You are my only love, God bless you”. That’s all she said. Could it mean anything else?”

A strange silence ushered through the windows again..

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