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The most frequent question that we ask ourselves is what kind of happiness do we seek in our life?
Are we chasing the happiness our mind seeks?
Or, for that matter is life always about seeking and chasing happiness?
More practically it is about choosing certain pains and sacrifices above other to achieve that specific “happiness”.
Behind every smile there is a story
Behind every smile there is a reason unknown
Behind all the glitter there is a itchy and sticky truth!

We demand perfection and assurance in our decisions but always forget to remember “To err is human”.
Every decision that we make may have a relative exception.
Like, that small crack in a window, through which light and dust both can pass through.
And what is a right decision?
One that makes you happy?
Or one that makes your loved ones happy?
When the center of any decision making process is only happiness, we may get drowned in the repetitive waves of disappointment
I personally feel more than happiness, life is about working things out and marching ahead.

How does one work things out?
No one is perfect in this skill
There many things we will mess up in our lives
Experiences and memories will follow each other
Lessons will come rolling behind our stupidity
But life must not stop
Just picturise this universe
It’s millions of stars and planets
All floating in the eternal vaccum
And we are breathing here
It should mean something

Life mustn’t always need to have a greater meaning
Remember it’s the small particles, the star dust that makes up this beautiful universe!

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Originally published here: Mirakee


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