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Fact vs Fiction

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. It’s been a long time I have penned down my thoughts upon events happening around. And I hope the release of The Crown season four series also forms part of the many important events happening around the world! Now I hadn’t watched the previous three seasons. I knew about the existence of such a series. I heard people praising the protagonists for season one and two, Claire Foy and Matt Smith but it was only when makers of the show decided to release season four, I thought I should watch the series from the beginning; from season one. It was just a matter of two weeks that I completed watching season one and two and I must say Claire Foy and Matt Smith are really a good chemistry to watch. Even if it wasn’t for the royal palaces and castles, Claire and Matt would have equally influenced the public to follow them along the character’s journey. Whether it be a joyous scene or an intense, one could see two perspectives talking to each other, shedding light upon the nuances of their lives. A very noticeable feature about Matt Smith’s acting, his reactions. Even if he may not have a dialogue in a scene, his presence will be felt.

The reason why I refrained from watching the series was because, initially, I found it to be an intrusion into someone’s personal life. I know the series isn’t and cannot be absolutely accurate. By ignoring the facts and accepting the series only as a fictional drama made it easier to watch it. That’s what I can say for myself. I continued watching the series only for Claire and Matt! I watched it as if I was watching a great fictional series and didn’t dig into the internet to know what happened in reality. And maybe that’s the reason I was able to appreciate the series.

So am I going to continue watching ahead, maybe yes, maybe no because I’m missing Claire Foy! Nothing against Olivia Colman but I’m still used to seeing Claire Foy as the Queen. The series has some really powerful dialogues combined with perfect twists and turns. The show makers have made sure people are glued to the series till the end of every episode. The character of Tommy Lascelles portrayed by Pip Torrens is also an interesting one. Every character in the series stands for some values, some desires and it is really interesting to watch what happens when these thoughts or values collide with each other.

Hope I don’t get drowned into this ocean of entertainment..haha!


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