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Is right to expression turning us arrogant?

Why did I think of this question? Because there’s a saying in my mother tongue, “अती तेथे माती” (pronounced as ati tethe mati) which means when we receive something is in excess, we tend to misuse it. We somehow start taking it for granted.

I am afraid, our basic human right, freedom of expression is going through a similar process. Not that we are the extremes of it, but I think with changing means of communication, with the ease in it’s accessibility, some elements of the society might want to misuse it.

Do I have any specific event to point out and prove my point? I guess I don’t. I only have some subtle observations. It’s not the first time I’m writing about how people have begun imposing their opinions upon others under the pretext of freedom of expression. And who are these others upon whom these opinions are being imposed?

All of us, are these others.

And all of us have at some point, tried to impose our opinions upon the others.

Yes we play a dual role in this game.

I have always wondered if one person’s freedom translates in someone else’s repression. It could happen knowingly or unknowingly. Loss for someone becomes the profit for another. I hope I’m wrong.


One response to “Is right to expression turning us arrogant?”

  1. dessertflower5 avatar

    Quite the perspective. Yes I too hope you were wrong but sadly it’s the truth. Communication is being manipulated in its own way for ones profit.
    Thank you for a enlightenment of truth

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