The problem with being hyper-enthusiactic

I’m not sure if such a word exists in the English language dictionary, but I think hyper enthusiastic people are those who like to experiment with their life,excessively! They are curious, they get bored easily and are always in search of something great! Sounds good, isn’t it? But sometimes this excessive enthusiasm leads them towards boredom and dissatisfaction. They may either get dissatisfied with themselves or with the people around them.

For most part of my life I have been the same kind of person. Someone who seeks the unknown! And I was so lost in it, that I forgot what I was searching in the first place! Until I completed my college, I thought this feeling was unique only to me. But as I stepped out in the world outside, met new people, I found there were many like me. Young and energetic, wanting to sort it all in early twenties.

As time went by I realised slowness is the very nature of life. Yes life is short but it won’t be a rollercoaster ride everyday. At times it will go on as slow as a tortoise. And sometimes it will be so quick you won’t get a hold of it.

With my personal experiences and observations, I have listed some traits I found common amongst hyper enthusiastic people.

Constant change is their routine:

They love engaging in different activities. Some may go for sports, some for art, some may like to go for adventurous treks. They cannot sit idle. They do it because they don’t like to waste time. They love their life and want to live at it’s fullest. They’ll take up new hobbies, explore themselves. They don’t rest, just keep on rushing for things to happen!

They don’t worry about results:

Hyper enthusiastic people embrace both success and failures equally. In the beginning of the year they might take up some music classes and by the end of the year we might spot them completing a half marathon! They love to love their life! And somehow this attitude helps them to excel in whatever they take up.

They run with time:

Hyper enthusiastic people love to keep up with changing times. Whichever age group they belong to, they would like to know atleast the tip of the iceberg. The point is to know what’s going around the world.


When one is used to flying, walking may seem alien to them. Times change and not every day would be a fulfilling one. This is the only change hyper enthusiastic people dislike.


The constant need for change may bring uncertainty in their decision making process, ultimately leading to dissatisfaction. It may happen that they start with an activity A but never complete it and jump on to activity C, just because activity A now seems boring. Replace the word activity with relationship and life goes haywire!

We may get lost forever:

Yes, you all might have heard about those fancy instagram quotes of how cool it is to stay bewildered, it’s beautiful but only for a while. Try convincing this is to someone who’s trying to find their true self from ages. Being involved in too many activities drains our mental as well as physical strength. For extra curious people it is important to narrow down their energies on what they really want to achieve in their lives. It’s a challenge to avoid being jack of all trades and master of none.

Like every trait of human nature, being hyper enthusiastic, being too curious and quick has it’s own drawbacks. But don’t keep on blaming yourself for those incomplete tasks or relationships, try learning from it. Most importantly know your energies and understand where to put them.

Allow yourself to heal.


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