When political views intersect with personal relationships!

In present times it’s difficult to find a person without any political views. Good views and bad views. It’s hard to find a person without his or her own perspective on political figures. I sometimes find it amusing when an Instagram post or YouTube video gets hundreds of comments. Unknown people forcing on each other their views, trying hard to prove each other wrong. How do people formulate these views? By experiences and rumours. (And these people have got all the time in this world to reply back a hundred opposing comments!) We do come across people who formulate views only on the basis of rumours. But how are we to find out the thin line between a rumour and the truth?

Things get difficult when people whom you have known for years have conflicting political views. When you meet them face to face and talk about current affairs, it is difficult to make them understand our point of view. At the same time it is also difficult to understand their point of view.

I have also observed these disagreements come from the difference in source of information and prejudices. Any person would accept a difference in source of information but rarely accept about his or her prejudices. Because prejudices are illogical, no one wants to be viewed as an illogical person.

I remember Tyrion Lannister’s dialogue in the last episode of Game of Thrones season 8,
“No one is very happy. Which means it’s a good compromise”, seems a fit description for politically conflicting situations with our closed ones!

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