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Closet of thoughts..

It’s been a long time, I have written about good music. In one of my previous blogs I wrote about some beautiful yet less famous musicians. And today I have found a musician who has the deepest voice I have ever heard. What surprised me is how such an exceptionally talented musician hasn’t received the deserved recognition.

I love the kind of music that gives me wings! The music that teleports me into a different, unknown dimension!

Rag’n’Bone Man!
Or Rory Charles Graham!
Is the name!

YouTube’s algorithm can really be surprising. I came across his songs Human and Skin. Powerful lyrics coupled with heavenly music! Listening to both of these songs is an equally humbling and empowering experience! His voice cuts directly through your heart. Reaches every untouched corner of your heart. Makes you feel helpless and at the same time relieves you from your suppressed emotions. The videos are equally beautiful. The stories they convey, you would definitely connect with them. Honestly, I found his songs my breathing space.

We all have a closet of our memories, experiences and unspoken thoughts. A dark closet, often with closed doors. Behind these doors stays or rather hides our true self. Each of us have our own style of maintaining this closet. But mostly we keep on stuffing negative thoughts without knowing or anticipating what would happen next. Negative thoughts are like those items of our closet with whom we don’t know what to do. We don’t wish to throw them away, nor do we know how to organize them. One day the hinges of the door start cracking and everything tumbles down. Like a flood, everything is washed away. Bits and pieces of our thoughts and emotions lay scattered over the ground and we don’t know which one to pick up first. Our own mind seems like a jigsaw puzzle! They say mirrors reflect our true self. But I seldom find it true. With time, we learn to deceive the mirror. We all do, let’s not lie. And then one fine day we come across a song, a movie or maybe even a good blog and we find our vent. That’s how it is, all of the hidden and layered emotions are destined to come out. If not in front of everyone, at least in front of our own eyes!

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