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Some random thoughts..

Previous weekend I was watching a show hosted by Simon Reeves on Sony BBC Earth. He visits various countries that are currently going through or have gone through certain crisis. His documentaries show an in depth analysis of how corruption, civil wars and terrorism affects the common citizens. He was showcasing about a country rich in natural resources, so rich that petrol was cheaper than water and yet had fallen into a deep economic crises. When I saw mothers standing in a long queue just for paracetamol, I was compelled to ponder upon my own country.

My own beloved country rich with fertile lands, 12 major rivers(source:, with mainland coastline of 6100km and including the coastline of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshwadeep Islands in the Arabian Sea is 7517 km. (source : So what holds us back?

In 2014, I voted for the first time. 2014 was a breakthrough year in India. We all were hopeful. Hopeful for a better future, just like the citizens of any other country. Then came 2019, another breakthrough year. Before 2014, I was just another teenager and honestly didn’t think much what my country needs or about the problems that are inherent to us due to our geography, history and also to an extent due to our culture. In both the elections, the power of Indian youth was evoked. Indian youth which is two-thirds of the total Indian population!(source:

I’m no economics, politics expert or for that matter not even a journalist. I’m just a citizen of my country contributing to her growth.

Marching ahead on the path of progress with such massive and diverse population is not an easy job. No country can understand how difficult it is to keep a steady pace and still believe in the principles that laid foundations of my country. I don’t want to sound an idealistic. But I think so far we have done good. And at the same time I feel we could have done better. Democracy is an ideal form of government. But is difficult to sustain when there are 22 official languages and around 19000 dialects (source: Imagine so many voices in so many different languages! Each of them putting forth their legitimate demands!

What prompted me to write this post? That episode of Simon Reeves show. It prompted me.

It took the hardwork of three generations and five wars to reach at our present position. War is just a three letter word. But it’s impact cannot be described in words. They say a pen is mighter than a sword and a picture is worth a thousand words. Only pictures can describe wars and there’s are loads of it on the internet if you must acquaint yourselves with them. Therefore, I do not wish to see the hardwork turn futile in the wake of Covid-19 crisis.

I’m sure concerned authorities of countries around the world are committed towards resolving the economic crises that’ll follow Covid-19 pandemic. And yes the economic crisis has already started taking it’s roots. It would be wrong to compare countries based on their counter measures implemented to tackle with the pandemic. Every country is different. Demographics play a major role at crucial moments. But one thing is for sure no one wants to loose their money.

What we must demand..

This time people need more than hope. They want jobs in their hands. And when I say jobs I must specifically mention about the unorganised sector of India. Because knowingly or unknowingly they remain neglected. The agricultural was and is still the backbone of our economy. The backbone needs more strength. According to one article, agriculture sector is estimated to grow at a rate of 3 per cent for the year 2020-21, according to NITI Aayog.(source:

Think before accepting..

Another reason for writing this blog was to remind the people of my country about the topics that should of their concern. Topics that are directly linked to their pockets. The mainstream Indian TV media is filled with “Tamaasha” channels who only aim to create unrest. Except a few journalists, most of them have forgotten who they are.

We want journalists who question the ruling as well as the opposition parties. We want journalists to stand for democracy. And not for entertainment.


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