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How to not get influenced!

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The word “Influence” now stands in solidarity with the word “Power”. The more you influence people, the more powerful you become. It isn’t something new, that’s how the world has been operating from centuries. Influence doesn’t necessarily need to have grounds for it, influence could be baseless, could be just a mind game.

If one wants to influence someone about something, one may hide what one wants to hide and show what never existed. I think it is really important for us to study this complete “influence phenomenon” as it has become a part of our daily lives. The problem arises when people with least access to facts are bombarded with “influence”. Their blank minds are filled with “theories” that influences them to focus on issues that have zero impact on their well being, but may profit the “Influencer”. They are made to believe the problems of the “Influencer” to be their own problems. Shifting the focus from facts to emotions can change governments.

I sometimes wonder is it really that bad to get influenced? Will it not create distrust in the society if people don’t believe in a single objective? Is it really possible to not get influenced? I don’t know. I can only think about it endlessly. Without any conclusion.

But what happens when focus, facts and emotions are owned by a single entity? What happens when there is no one to keep a check on how the focus, facts and emotions are changed to the suit the needs of the most influential?

The one entity who can own focus, facts and emotions is Media.

However, the question is still not answered.

How to not get influenced?


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