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Hindi Classics🎧

One of my favourite songs from the black and white era is Na To Karvan Ki Talash Hai / न तो कारवाँ की तलाश है.

Work from home is turning into a torture and no one but classic Hindi songs are helping me deal with it. It takes great efforts and experience to keep my sleepy eyes awake post lunch. The next thing that I wait for is the evening tea! Followed by dinner and then at last I am free to check my phone. Surprisingly, at night I don’t feel sleepy at all.

When I was in college, me and friends used to discuss about the best time to study. Some were early birds while others were nocturnal owls! I used to try both methods just so that I was in the good books of everyone. Silly years! At least the concept of day and night was relevant back then. But now it looks like it’s loosing it’s relevance. It doesn’t matter if the sky outside is of the brightest blue colour or grey or pink, orange, yellow or black! It just doesn’t matter. I have almost forgotten how the sun and the stars look like. But I don’t think the celestial bodies care about me staring at them. What I can conclude about them is that they are at peace. Rotating and revolving, that’s what do it. And they better be at peace. Gone are the nights when I used to count stars and trace their constellations. Secretly hoping to see a falling star. Work from home, that’s what matters. Period.

What also matters is to keep listening to classic songs. Below are some more beautiful songs from my playlist, I couldn’t find all them on Spotify hence linking their YouTube links.

Nigahen Milane Ko Ji Chahta Hai / निगाहें मिलाने को जी चाहता है

Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamaro / पान खाए सैंया हमारो

Dil Ki Nazar Se / दिल की नज़र से, नज़रों के दिलसे

Achcha Ji Main Haari / अच्छा जी मैं हारी चलो मान जाओ ना



3 responses to “Hindi Classics🎧”

  1. i would find it very hard to work from home. i am so glad i no longer need to work.

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  2. All these are such beautiful songs 💖

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