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Community Guidelines

I have been recently thinking about the community guidelines displayed by various social media websites. They claim some really high standards but I’m afraid if they really enact on them. I honestly don’t prefer sharing my personal life on Facebook. It’s been almost two years that I have posted about my whereabouts.

I don’t exactly remember the day I decided I won’t be posting about my life or my thoughts on Facebook or Instagram but I definitely remember the reason. The reason was hate comments. I remember the days when Facebook was a silly thing. It wasn’t something that would cause any spark or major paradigm shift in our lives or societies. It was a cool photo sharing website.

This isn’t just a “Facebook specific” phenomenon, but most of the major social media websites have turned into an advertising tool. A majority of people still believe these websites allow them to “express themselves”. It allows them to be heard. Yes there have been instances when social media has helped to spread awareness about certain issues and causes. But maybe all of this comes at a cost. Cost of our personal data. Very few people learn and understand how to protect their data online. It’s easy to login into any website, one username and a password that’s all you need. One can also open multiple accounts and do whatever they want to do. Advertising friendly algorithms come to our rescue when we fall short of content to watch and read. Organic marketing seems to be a distant dream. Everything, everything comes at cost, if not explicit, but hidden. The consequences of accepting these costs, mostly incomprehensible to common minds.

Sometimes, I think about where we are heading to as a civilization. Irrespective of our nationalities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, where are we heading to?

Social media is a powerful tool.

It has so much power, that the word itself proves inadequate to explain it completely.


One response to “Community Guidelines”

  1. Community guidelines have to be taken with a pinch of salt. There is much hidden from the user. It has been about two years since I left social media, but I don’t think it has changed much apart from being a breeding ground of hate speech and opinions.

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