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It’s been almost five years that they had seen each other. Neither of them had thought about this day. That a day would arise when those bittersweet memories shall walk up to them again. They were definitely not prepared to look into each other’s eyes, albeit such a long period had passed on.
She choose to wear a pale blue colour dress. Quite a neutral colour to avoid any impression. Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if she dons a simple look. Because she was like that. Simple.
He choose to wear quite a flamboyant look. Because he was like that vibrant! His flamboyancy wasn’t something he put up. That was him. The real him.
Both of them left on their home on the right time. But why were they meeting again?
To figure out how much they still loved each other? Or was there anything left between them in the name of love?
Was it spring in the winter? Or did the autumn continue?
She reached before him. Secured a quiet place. He reached 10 minutes later. Well you can say he wasn’t enough late to displease her. And here was the moment. The moment when past ran into the present and struggled to keep it’s sense alive! But it was better than suffocating it with rage. All those fuming emotions culminated into a light smile.

Was it love? Or was it respect for their decision? They were yet to reckon. Neither of them were in a hurry to find it forever. They didn’t wanted to commit the same mistake of hurriedly running into making decisions. They just wanted to breathe the moment.

He stared her with admiration. She looked at him with respect. The storm of emotions stopped at the shores of respect.

The above vignette was first published on my Mirakee profile.

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2 responses to “Respect”

  1. Lovely writing, it drew me in!

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    1. I’m glad you felt connected πŸ™‚

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