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Five fascinating infotainment channels to follow on YouTube!

The internet is flooded with a variety of movie / series streaming options with Netflix topping the charts, YouTube still hasn’t gone out of sight.

Basically because it’s free. Yes YouTube does offer paid movies, but there are a variety of Hindi classic films available for free. While there cannot be a direct comparison in the kind of entertainment and infotainment offered by YouTube and sites like Netflix, I think YouTube has an upper hand in the infotainment genre.

Here are a few of my personal favourite infotainment YouTube channels

1. Langfocus by Paul

If you are passionate for cultures and their history, languages are the best way to learn about their evolution. Paul’s channel has a plethora of information about languages around the world. From Hebrew to Esperanto, to a detailed analysis of Indo- European languages. He has his peculiar style of explaining concepts and makes it easy for everyone to understand. Whenever he does use linguistic jargons he explains them clearly with flowcharts, maps and plenty of examples. He has a very crisp and methodical way of explaining the details. He also has a website at, his channel is the most useful place I have found on internet.

2. Kurzgesagt- In a nutshell

Are you interested in topics like optimistic nihilism? Would you like to know more about this topic? Kurzgesagt is the best channel I have come across when my mind boggles on topics like what is time? And am I real? They offer some really mind twisting perspectives about things that we experience everyday, but rarely give them a thought. The channel also explains some obscure science stuff like Dyson sphere and Black Holes! All of this knowledge in beautifully crafted animated videos!

3. Geography Now

The one stop channel to learn about geographies of countries around the world. The channel is hosted by the ever energetic Paul “Barby” Barbato! He’s quick wit is the USP of his videos. He makes sure he doesn’t drift away from the major topics, since geography being a vast subject. To the listeners, it allows them to remember stuff quickly and systematically. Do checkout his videos on geography of A-Z countries!

4. Crash course

From organic chemistry to statistics and history, Crash course as the name suggests has many topics under their umbrella. I think their videos are good source of information for students, for their assignments and projects. They offer a systematic playlist about various topics which allows any common person to understand the topic even if they aren’t related to it. I have mostly watched their economics playlist, and yeah I think the best way to learn about a topic is to learn it as quickly as possible. And that’s what crash course offers you!

5. Exurba1a

Love science? Love to think weirdly and endlessly? Love to question the reason for our existence? Exurba1a is your best companion! It’s hard to describe what the channel is all about just click here for a mental rollar coaster ride!

The internet is an ever changing place and it’s really difficult to find some really meaningful channels. This was my favourite lists of YouTube channels to follow, there are many more in other categories that I’ll be sharing as a part of this Best five series. If you are looking out for some new and better travel vloggers to take inspiration from, here’s where you should be going 👉 Five travel bloggers to follow on YouTube and Instagram!

Book recommendations 👇

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Broken wings by Khalil Gibran

Homo sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

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