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Antarctica 2020

From past few months I am binge watching many documentaries presented by Sir David Attenborough, aired on Sony BBC Earth. Since that’s the only way for me stay connected to nature in this Covid-19 crisis (ah! I don’t like to mention this word) Listening to his meticulous narration about the secrets of our earth and life around us, I developed a special corner for the Antarctic region.

Since I live in a hot and humid environment, it is quite obvious for me to get attracted to icy regions! The grand icebergs which are at a distance of around 11,738 km from Mumbai are melting my heart away.

I have a very sedentary lifestyle. I have a 9 to 7 job, spend my weekends with family or friends. I’m just a simple citizen minding my own business. But I have a heart. I have eyes and ears that see and listen to the atrocities of human encroachment crippling the natural cycles. And what worsens my condition is my lack of knowledge about the consequences of my actions or inaction with respect to climate change. I have always wondered how a common person like myself can participate in this fight for a better environment.

So I try to keep myself updated with events happening around the world that create awareness about climate change. And that’s how I came to know about SeaLegacy.

On their official website you can check more about their work.

SeaLegacy has initiated a petition to protect the Southern Ocean by creating three vital marine protected areas in Antarctica in 2020.

I follow one of the co-founders of the organisation on Instagram, Paul Nicklen and it is from one of his instagram stories I got to know about this petition.

This is the first ever petition I have signed. And I was having qualms about posting it publicly on WordPress because I’m a little bit skeptical when it comes to signing a petition for any cause. Firstly because I may not completely know the consequences of me signing that petition, secondly because of fear of breach of private data and thirdly because I personally do not know who started the petition and what are his / her real intentions for starting it (yeah the third point is a bit political).

So what convinced me to sign this petition? Well I did go through the Instagram profiles of the founders, googled a bit about them, went through their website and found it convincing and important. I felt, yes in this way I could do something good. Well this may seem like I’m boasting about myself, but I felt like I must spread the word.

So if you would also like to know more about this petition and would also like to sign it, click here

In my own city, I’m already observing some deviations in the monsoon cycles. The season started with a cyclone Nisarga( which is not a normal natural phenomenon) and now the rainfall is not satisfactory. Whereas some areas of India are experiencing really bad flood conditions. From past one week I’m seeing clear blue skies and scorching heat as if it was the month of March. If rains are not satisfactory, then it will completely dismantle the agriculture sector. Once the agricultural sector is affected, every common person is affected.

Climate change is real. It has become part of our lives. And now we want to run away from it, it’s not going to be easy.


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4 responses to “Antarctica 2020”

  1. Thanks for posting the petition. I’ve signed it. The consequences of doing nothing are much greater than the consequences of signing a petition that may not be well planned or targeted.

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    1. Thank you so much Ellen for signing the petition. I’m sure such small steps will lead to fruition!

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