Five travel bloggers to follow on YouTube and Instagram!

With Instagram and YouTube becoming a part of our daily lives, there has been a tremendous upsurge in the number of people taking up travel vlogging as their full time profession. Travel vlogging isn’t an easy profession. It looks interesting but at the same time requires a specific skill set. From photography to writing, to budgeting and marketing! But as audience we aren’t much aware about the efforts these vloggers take just so that we could see this enigmatic world around us!

Personally, I watch these videos for two reasons, one to observe various cultures around the world and two to escape from my own monotonous 9 to 5 life! There are hundreds and thousands of channels on YouTube and Instagram to follow and here are my personal favorites!

Eva zu Beck

I just love her! Such a lively personality! She travels some of the most remote areas from the plains of Mongolia to the pristine island of Socotra! The first ever travel video I saw from her channel was about her visit to Syria. I like to read and watch about history and maybe that’s why YouTube recommended me her Vlog channel. Her travel videos are full of adventure and surprises. She easily connects with the local people and that’s why her videos are worth watching.


Vagabrothers is a story of two vibrant young men Alex and Marko, immersing around the world cultures from Uzbekistan to Argentina! The best part about their travel videos is the awesome views they share. I’m not an expert in photography, but I can definitely see a visible difference in the way they shoot their videos. The colours, the light and their description about the place is really very intriguing. Both of them have different personalities and this add more to the beauty of their videos. Their travel videos show a perfect balance of historical narratives of that particular place along the modern version. PS : I have a little bit of crush on Marko❤️😀

Mountain trekker

The best part about his videos, he speaks in Hindi! (English subtitles are available) Varun Vagish’s travel videos have a sweet simplicity. In his videos along with travelling, he also guides future travellers about how to visit the place on a restricted budget. If he makes a 15 minutes video, he devotes atleast 5 minutes in how to reach the place, accomodation options as per our budget, safety measures to be taken while travelling to a particular place, the dos and don’ts and a lot more. So he provides a complete package of excitement along with some useful travel hacks. Checkout his series on Turkey to get some amazing tips on how to travel in Turkey✌️

Rick Steve’s Europe

In case you aren’t much of an adventure freak and would rather love to go for simple walks and good food, Rick Steve’s Europe is the best YouTube channel to follow. His videos focus on the historical, architectural and cultural backgrounds of the countries in Europe. From Scotland to Sicily, to the heart of Portugal, Rick Steve’s travel videos serve not just the entertainment purpose but also the education purpose. His videos are very informative. Huge respect for him!

Kirsten and Joerg

Now here is a completely peaceful and romantic genre of travel vlog. Kirsten and Joerg are a lovely couple living in UK and showing us some of most rustic and fairytale kind of villages from the UK! Checkout their blissful cottage video in Devon! It was because of this video that made me fall in love with their YouTube channel 😍!


These are my top five recommendations about travel bloggers. I would like to extend this series of top five for some other topics as well. My only motto for writing this blog was to appreciate the efforts that they are putting in making their videos. Although all the above travellers belong to different countries and have their own style of vlogging, there is one common thing about their videos.

They are spreading love. Many of the countries they travel to are having a certain perception in the minds of general public. Their videos are helping to bring about a change in the way we see the world. A big thank you to all of them!

Have a good weekend!

Stay calm and keep reading my blog!

Best wishes,



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