Little surprises!

Have you ever felt a strange attraction for something or some place and found yourself digging the internet, going through every website, blog, and video to know more and more about it? I have a strange fascination for the poles of the earth! The Nordic countries and Antarctica! Last night, at 11.00 pm, I had a sudden urge to find out if the whole of Antarctica has been discovered. I found some amazing stuff about the continent on this website.

Going forward, I directly went on to google the Nordic countries. I just simply love them. I was introduced to the Nordic life by Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen, it used to air on Fox Life India some years back. I have noticed, in the mainstream media very little is known about the Nordic countries. People mostly talk about the show Vikings. I have not watched the show, but it is on my watch list.

So, last night I slept with a superficial thought. What if there are some undiscovered remains of animal species hidden beneath those colossal ice sheets of the Arctic Ocean!

Dragons, maybe!

I searched if any human settlements were there in the surrounding area. Found out this amazing place, Longyearbyen. The world’s northen most town as cited by Insider.

Morning was a normal. It rained after a long interval of time. We were waiting for this day eagerly. Watching Sony BBC Earth on weekends is like a ritual for me. I watching my favourite show, Life on the Edge and to my surprise today they aired episodes about Longyearbyen! I was blown away!

I wondered, were the Northen lights calling me ?

Were those ice bergs calling me?

Those pristine ice sheets were telling stories of our primitive times, stories unknown and unheard. It seemed as if they know everything about us, about the significance of our existence!

Has something like this ever happened to you?

I saw outside my window, it was raining cats and dogs with some strong winds, completely different atmosphere from those massive icebergs!

What a strange co-incidence! Last night I read about that same place and today morning I am watching about it on the TV. Whatever one may call it, I love these kind of little surprises from life. Most part of my life, I have always seen happiness in the larger things.

Like, a stable career, good money, perfect life partner. Very recently I have begun finding happiness in smaller things.

In this journey, Mother nature is my best friend.

Wishing you all happy weekend!

Stay calm and follow my blog!

Best wishes,


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