What’s this procastination?

The new buzz word of internet, procastination. Such a big word and that’s why I never went on to search what it means! I got to know about it from my friends and also from social media. It was only recently, about 3-4 days back I officially googled it. Found a plethora of blogs, books, videos, life hacks to overcome procastination. Seems like Google has all our answers.

After knowing what it means to procastinate, I think procastination is a very simple human tendency. And one need not stress much about it. The more we keep on thinking about it, there is a possibility that we may forget the reason at first place, why we started procastinating.

Ahh such a big word!

The moment we get hit by life, we start finding solutions. Our already hurt mind gets more hurt, becomes more fragile and we get engulfed into the waves of bewilderment. One can’t find peace unless one has went through turmoil. But life is tricky, one takes time to understand this catch.

I think being confused, taking time to make a decision is all a part of the learning process. Making mistakes, reflecting upon them, learning from them helps us to understand our weaknesses. But one can’t think of anything logical when time is not by their side.

At such times, rather than blaming ourselves for not doing what we love, we can try doing the traditional SWOT analysis. I’m calling it traditional because nowadays believe in yourself is the growing trend! Yes this term helps for short term, but in my personal experience it blinded me against the real obstacles of my life. Strengths and weakness lie in our hands but there could be some obstacles, that we might have never stumbled upon. Acknowledging obstacles and being humble in front of them is the first step towards finding light. And we might not be always right. It takes time to build our life, it takes a lot of defeats and patience.

I’m no expert, I’m also just a wanderer like everyone else.

Stay calm and keep learning new stuff!

Best wishes,


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