Why ice creams should be classified as essential goods and services!

Why not? Who wouldn’t like an ice cream after dinner? After all, ice cream is the prime source of the most essential nutrient our body needs, sweet fats! And in these times of crisis we have been deprived of our right to ice cream!

Ice cream is a symbol of unity. From toddlers to the so called matured and experienced people, ice is their common weak point. Ice creams don’t judge you by your age. They know you better than you know yourself 😉.

Not only age, but ice creams do not discriminate between genders as well. The algorithm running inside the mind of an ice cream for defining a human is very simple. Two legs, two hands and one heart, that’s it! It’s a human!

When it comes to a person’s skin colour, ice creams go colourblind! They don’t have set parameters or algorithms to define a person by it’s skin colour. “Cool”, isn’t it?

An anonymous hypothetical study has found that rising global temperatures could make ice creams go extinct. That’s a very serious issue and needs some urgent action from the global leaders. The melting rate per second is increasing drastically. Whether it be ice creams or icebergs!

Ice cream parlours should be declared as a melting pot for community gatherings! A place where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to form stronger community bonds.

Be it a kulfi, gelato, soft serve, waffle cone, faloodah, or my favourite Magnum! Ice cream is ice cream. A pure moment of joy.

It’s irreplaceable, it’s essential.

Isn’t it?

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Best wishes,


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