Best companion!

There are some of us who love our loneliness.
And some are afraid to be lonely.

Some find tranquility in their loneliness,
While others feel suffocated.

Some of us venture into the darkness of our lives with a smile on our face.
While others trying to escape from the same darkness.

At times, the depth of this darkness is like a rift between two cliffs
And at times like a crack between two rocks

At times this darkness is as vast as the night sky
And at times as composed as our shadow

Darkness that consumes our shadow
Consumes our smile
I am not trying to escape from it
I am not trying to win over it
I am staring into it’s eyes

Because I have a spark in my eyes
That shall set this darkness ablaze
I’m here with my armour; my loneliness
She is my best companion in the darkest hours of my life!
She has taught me
To fall down
She has taught me
To get up
She was and will
Always be with me!

Stay calm and keep getting strong!

Best wishes


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