Perfect photos

Photos! A record of our cherished moments. The emotions captured in a 90s Kodak camera are no match to any of the photos clicked in present day phone camera. Back then, those cameras were rare to find in our vicinity. Only the luckiest had the opportunity to get clicked! The best part about those photos was their honesty, they clicked the moments as authentic as they were! Since clicking photos was an occasional activity, friends, family and even strangers made it a point to give a pure smile. One single smile that allowed them to rejoice the whole time they spent together. There were no specific rules for how one should stand or smile, or for that matter even look at the camera, people just stood together because they wanted to be clicked together!

Retrieving photos from the camera roll, waiting for them to get printed, keeping the negatives safe, was all a part of the process to keep the memories safe! Flipping the pages of a photo album was like a family get together. Twenty years have been passed since the advent of this century, we can now click the most perfect photos, but maybe not the most perfect relationships!

Today, our whole life is surrounded by so many photos, everyday, every second someone out there is clicking a photo. Either a professional one or just a selfie. Now a selfie is not just a selfie. There is a lot of thought process to it. A lot of science to it.

First point is the light. So we must plan if is it going to be a sunrise selfie, like right on the bed #nomakeup #clearskin selfie, or the one at the sunset, with a more thoughtful face.

Since I am not a selfie expert, which implies I am bad at taking selfies, I am not aware about the second point, but I reckon it must be clear white teeth! And fuller lips! And yeah contouring.

Khaleesi, recently posted a photo of hers. She was wearing her evergreen smile and decked up in her endless positive vibe.

That photo was a great relief to my stupid anxious thoughts about perfect photos. Just check how she blooms in this picture!

We are, at any given time, surrounded by millions of photoshopped photos. And those are just photos, not the cherished moments. See there is a difference between a photo used for commercial purpose and a human moment of enjoyment. And since, it is so easy to click and access both a camera and an image editing software, we are turning our life into a orchestrated event! Just recall the most recent wedding you attended, the most recent birthday and have seen photos of the most recent pre-wedding shoot! What was common in all? An arrangement to create moments by paying in big numbers! Because, the internet has set an ‘image’ about a ‘photograph’ in our mind. Humans naturally have a weak mind, it takes efforts to make it strong.

Here is a short quirky poem I wrote last night on perfect photos.

There is only one exception to the idea of perfection, Mother Nature.

Stay calm and keep following this space for more blogs!

Best wishes,


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